Bar Tapería Casa Pepe
Rate: 2.5
El Marco, 4 - Tomeza - Pontevedra

Casa Pepe, is distinguished by its great meals, tapas and wine, on the Camino de Santiago by the Portuguese, at the entrance of the city of Pontevedra, with ample parking, which is a must for pilgrims route stop to regain strength.

It is located in a traditional Galician stone house, walk the Road to Santiago Portugese and 400 m. the Hostel of Pontevedra. A quiet area to rest after the arduous path of the road.

football matches are broadcast on various channels, where you can enjoy them in a peaceful, quiet atmosphere, accompanied by a good wine or beer.

It has an outdoor terrace and its gastronomic specialty is classic Galician cuisine can taste the typical Galician stew every Wednesday during the cold season; Friday the rich pork with turnip tops and Saturday tripe.

Every Sunday you can taste the delicious octopus, prepared by a pulpeira of O Carballino.

Accompany the drinks with a great cover.

Among other specialties we can indicate the aespañola omelette, chorizos Galicians in various ways, zorza, ear, ham, raxo, squid, shrimp, assorted tables embitudos, ham, corned beef, and many more.

Characteristics of bar cofee shop

  • Specialties Omelette, squid, ear, prawns, etc, and every Sunday pulpeira of O Carballino
  • Closing day Sunday afternoon
  • Holidays no
  • Schedule 8,00 a 24 h.
  • Distance to center 2,5 kms
  • Distance to the railway station 500 m
  • Distance to the bus station 500 m
  • today's menu SI
  • Menu del dia, price 8,50 €
Benito Durán como Usuario hace 7 años
Tiene un vino treixadura de cosechero, de muy buena calidad
Sol Gomez Cal hace 6 años
Exquisitas tapas acompañadas de un buen servicio